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There are multiple factors that need to be addressed when dealing with a chronic illness such as a thyroid disorder. The avoidance of gluten is often considered, by some doctors who have a limited knowledge of immunology, as a fad. However, many patients report improvement in some symptoms by completely eliminating gluten from their diet for at least a few months. Gluten intolerance is a common finding in patients that have a chronic illness. 

Autoimmune disorders such as: Hashimoto’s disease, vitiligo, psoriasis, celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune hepatitis are aggravated by the consumption of gluten. Gluten can accelerate their progression. 

A small amount of gluten can set off an immune reaction that can last days, weeks or even longer! Eliminating gluten is complicated by the fact that gluten is hidden in many foods. A person may believe they are gluten-free without realizing that they are still consuming it.  It is usually not until gluten is eliminated from the diet that one realizes just how heavily we rely on it. One might think that removing bread and pasta from the diet would be enough, but if so, you could be surprised. 

Always read the ingredient list of anything that is consumed. Do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer if there is a vague listing. A listing such as “natural flavoring” may not contain gluten but may contain an agent such as MSG (monosodium glutamate) which can induce an adverse reaction in susceptible individuals. 

Reactions after consuming gluten can range from subtle to overt. The subtle reactions should not be ignored if they persist. Gluten can be a factor that accelerates an overall decline in health over time if it is not addressed properly. Subclinical gluten intolerance is also possible. In these cases, there are no symptoms, but there is a detrimental effect on the body after the consumption of gluten. 

There may be minimal improvement, in a chronic condition, even when all of these recommendations are strictly followed. In these cases, passive biofeedback techniques that were developed at DLC WELLNESS are used. Comprehensive laboratory work is also used to help find the underlying causes of chronic conditions. These methods determine mechanisms and uncover hidden causal factors.